Wednesday, 19 April 2023


Our Pete, has printed out for us an inspiring account of the miracles he has experienced in his life. This got me to wondering. I have had a long and yes, an exciting life, but miracles? There must have been some, and yet?

You may not think of them as miracles and yet I know it is only through divine intervention that I am here, 92 years old and still being published to bless others. Isn’t that miraculous, that I was able to hear and know it was God’s voice calling me to write and giving me a husband who was also into writing and who encouraged me all the way?

I remember the time, years before, when my pastor told me I must give up all thought of being a missionary because I did not have the health. My colleagues who welcomed me onto the remote mission field in the highlands of Papua New Guinea shared his opinion. ‘Give her a few months,’ they had forecast, but I outstayed many of them, and though eventually circumstances forced me to leave, it was to gain further qualification before joining another team in Ghana, Africa, to do the work God had shown me in my early days in Papua New Guinea.

Then there was my wonderful years working with Joel, the miracle of timing that had brought me into  Wales at the time when his lovely Betty had died, so unexpectantly to others but not to God. How God had given me the gift of contentment in my singleness, so that I could be ‘the little children’s mother’ as they has called me, in both Papua New Guinea and Ghana, and now the wife that Joel needed coming up to retirement and on.

Happy, fruitful years. I could write a book.

‘Wings of the Morning,’ was with a publisher when Joel died, and so did the editor who had promised to bring my life story to birth, but as I learned after more than twenty wonderful years of married bliss that this was not the end of my life story, and there were more chapters to be written before my life story was eventually published, with
Bas Evans wonderful painting of an eagle in flight adorning the cover. I believe it is still available to purchase from Amazon, but I no longer have copies available to give away.

Photo by Lars Kuczynski on Unsplash

At the great age of ninety two,  my siblings, who both made it to university having suffered from dementia before their death I am now pronounced of a sound mind and enjoy keeping in touch with my friends through this blog and still in receipt of the occasional cheque from the publishers of ‘The Upper Room.’

No, I make no claim to miracles, but I do give all the glory to the faithfulness of our God, who ‘so loved the world that he gave his only Son’ that if I would believe in him, would not perish but enjoy life both now and in eternity.

And it is surely God himself who made a way for me receive wonderful nursing care in a care home where Joel and I used to come to take a service so many years ago, and also the love and care of Grace community church who make sure that someone will be sure to transport me to get well fed spiritually and continue to be a well loved member of their community.

Maybe not miracles – but pretty close I would say, and something to talk or write about and give glory to God.



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  1. Dear Pauline, I bless the name of the Lord, for how far He has brought you in your walk with God. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and bless your very precious ministry in the Lord's Vineyard.