Friday, 4 November 2022


 I always have a blessing when I come to church, even though I often struggle to remember the message as I am no longer able to take notes to help me to recall what I have heard. I have to wait for Tuesday to arrive when we discuss Sunday’s message. Then it all comes back to me and I am hopefully able to join in the applying of it to our lives.

Not only do I have difficulty in taking notes, but I struggle to make good use of my hearing aid, so my heart leapt when I saw the child-sized table and chairs set out for a party. So - who was to be invited?. Our Laura excels at getting the children involved, and hopefully I too would understand.

We soon had a proud volunteer as the king, while his two equally confident little sisters followed as queen and princess. Then who else should be invited? The Prime minister? Some discussion here. Then, to my surprise, the very busy caring lady beside me rose suddenly, called to represent the people we can’t do without.

Only one more seat to go. Amid much hilarity, a long legged lecturer from the Bible college rose and squeezed himself onto the remaining chair. Failing to hear Laura’s application, I wondered whether it had been open to any of us? Obviously they would not have offered me the privilege. I couldn’t have clambered up the two steps  to the platform, and yet….there were plenty who would have helped me.

I don’t remember what Laura’s application was, but I know what God’s lesson is to me, and that is that none of us are excluded. We are all of us invited. So let’s not wait for someone more important than ourselves to pray or volunteer. No one can be more greatly loved than you are, because ‘He loves us all the best’.

Photo by Jordan Arnold on Unsplash

Thank you Laura, for that lesson for a very old lady as well as the very little ones too. So no more excuses. We are all chosen and special. Then let us run, or even limp to take our place at God’s table.            


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