Tuesday, 7 March 2017


I was honoured to be invited to at a special service because  someone in my family was to be ordained as an elder. It was to be at the Temple in Penygroes, known as ‘the Mount,’ - a place of significance to many brought up in the Apostolic church.
After the ordination, the young couple were  commissioned  to be part of a team involved in pioneering work into West Wales.
Image result for passing on the batonNot only was I thrilled for their sakes, but especially because of the honour this is to our family, fruit of that sown into their lives by their godly parents and grandparents; of those who have passed on the baton.
But I was thrilled on another count. And this is what I believe God wants me to share. For at this time we cannot help but grieve as another great man of God seems to be drawing very near to Heaven’s gates. Glory for him, but for those left behind, the pain of bereavement. For through his fervent prayers and his ministry in Wales Wide he was surely passing on the baton to this young couple as they are taking on his burden for Wales.
It was while in this service I felt I must write the following in acknowledgement of David, one of God’s greatly loved Apostles, who among other things was used to lay a firm foundation for our fellowship in Porthcawl.

God’s Mountaineer

Oh God, creator of the rugged ranges
Thank you for those with heart of mountaineer
Loving the great outdoors of open spaces
Facing the fiercest climb with glad good cheer

Thank you for those who count each climb a challenge
Taking their strength from God to face each step
Nor fear the final peak that’s yet before them
Knowing they’ll soon be present with their Lord

Oh how we thank you, Lord, for those like David
His joy to lead us all to claim the heights
To gain new strength for every climb before us
And so possess the land in God’s own might

So may we hear God’s call to face the mountains
To know we each can be his mountaineer
To claim new heights nor fear the steepest valleys
To walk, e’en as he walks, with glad good cheer.

It is so important for each of us, in our endeavour to follow our Lord, to  prepare to pass on the baton to those who follow after.
‘The teachings you heard from me, commit to faithful men, who will be able  to teach others also,’ was part of Paul’s commission to the young Timothy (2 Tim 2:2) So the Kingdom of God will grow.
When I trained to teach Bible Explorer, part of our commission was that we should pass on the baton, to get others involved in this specific ministry. Teaching this inspirational course for over ten years, I have sought to inspire others to become involved, but now not only is my natural strength  declining, it seems this door of opportunity in the schools might be closing too, at least in this area. But though we must  accept that we can’t go on for ever, and ministries may change, part of me knew that if I gave up now I would be failing  in fulfilling my commission.
But as I saw a definite link in these ministries to the Welsh areas, I felt God reassuring me that we don’t always see the links God is forging, not the plans he is working out, but we must continue to pray and to trust that others will take up the baton, while we must continue to pray, as Jesus told us, ‘to pray the Lord of the harvest that he will send forth labourers into the harvest.’
Watch this space! God has been speaking to me, to give the doors into the schools one more push, while reassuring me that he will continue to renew my strength, and that I will rise up on wings like eagles even as I seek to be obedient in passing on the baton.
Be assured, God has asked me to share this because he has special ministries for each one of us, which we must commit to faithful ones who will be able to teach others also. Let us pray for each other.

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