Thursday, 16 February 2017


Yes, I am moved into my new flat. Some say I am in the pent house, but I call it my Eagle’s Nest.
Many years ago I was  given a card by one of my students at the Apostolic Bible College, where I was lecturing on children’s work.
Now it has a place of honour. Titled ‘Eagle Christian’, it is of an eagle, standing alert on some rocks, as it views the land, while the text is, ‘The glory of the Lord shines out as one rests in him.’
So here I am, resting in the Lord, in this beautiful apartment God has provided for me, and asking him to teach me to live as an Eagle Christian.
Firstly, I am trusting him to renew my strength so that I my rise up each day with wings as eagles, for  moving house is certainly exhausting, and takes courage and strength.
A lovely cosy home, - almost too warm first thing in the morning, I open a window for a few minutes and breath in the sweet fresh air, then switching on a lamp,  I open my curtains even though it may still be dark, in faith that the morning is coming, and ‘as surely as the day dawns’ as Hosea says, open my heart for all God has for me for this new day.
Once the morning is here I look away, above the back yards that are down below, over the roof tops, to the strength of the mountains beyond. Even if I cannot see them through the mist, I know they are there. I am told an eagle is able to turn his head full circle, but I have to wait to see the sea until I walk along the corridor, and passing the lift, look from the window across the harbour to Ogmore.
We admire the eagle for its nest- making skills in the bleakest of places. And of course the purpose of a nest is for raising young. God is reassuring me that with him, I am never too old, and he is continuing to anoint me with fresh oil in my various ministries.
God has made me so sure that this move was his best for me. He has appointed the places we live, as Paul told the people of Athens. And I have been filled with joy as I have been ‘playing house’ with my limited, but more than adequate space. I am amazed to be living in such luxury, but then I remembered that I had just as much joy in brightening up some of my little homes, such as they were, when in the Highlands of New Guinea. I am proving the words of Madame Guyon,
            ‘While place we seek or place we shun, the soul finds happiness in none,
            But with my God to guide my way, ‘tis equal joy to go or stay.
Image result for eagle christianQuietly I am getting to know all these wonderful senior citizens who like me, have moved into Stoneleigh court, determined to maintain independent living, all so brave and positive, and  friendly. But we all have deep deep needs, though we may strive to keep them hidden, and I pray this Eagle Christian, with those others already here, may be used to spread God’s wings of love so that none of us may need to fear the time when we are leaving earth, but  have assurance of the mansion Jesus has gone to prepare for his own.

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