Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Our Family of Grace

We have a very special young man who is part of our fellowship in Porthcawl. His name is Kritchen …… No, you will not have met him. He doesn’t live in Porthcawl, - not even in UK. He is Nepalese; yes, living in the remote and mountainous land of Nepal, but our RE-vive group have decided to adopt him. Not to come and live with us, but as part of our family we are sponsoring him, so that not only do we take responsibility for him to be clothed and fed, but to have an upbringing that is predominantly Christian.

So how did this come about? It began with a  Nepalese young man meeting with Jesus Christ, and stepping out of darkness into light. Jesus gave him a dream and he knew God was calling him to set up a Christian school. Well, guess what? Yes, he ended up in prison. But Christian Solidarity, of which Baroness Caroline Cox is a pioneer, heard of his plight and as advocates interceded on his behalf and now, with strong Christian support the school he had dreamed of has become a reality.
Stand By Me 
‘David, would you be interested in joining us? We are going to Nepal to give some training to the teachers in this Christian school?’

David Spurdle, a head master in the Romford area, didn’t need asking twice. He was always up for an adventure. Besides his home commitments he was already involved with the work of Tear Fund, and had gone on to take over responsibility for an American charity, Kids Alive.

This had begun through his involvement with an orphanage in Lebanon, but the work escalated, until he clearly heard God’s voice calling him to resign from his headship and  go into this work full time. Many of the Apostolic churches UK are already supporting him in the amazing work they are doing in Burma.

Today we hear of them sending out work parties to Ethiopia, and other places in Africa, and even South America, but in our small way we are involved by clubbing together in our house group to pay for the support of one small boy in Nepal.

His name is Krichan Kalakheti, born on 2006. Here he is, looking very smart, standing outside his school. He writes:

          You can call me Krichan. I’m in Nepal, staying in my grandmother’s house. (Sadly he and his little sister were abandoned by his parents when he was two years old.) My sister is studying in same school, in sponsorship.

          I’m happy to study here.’ And he goes on to say, ‘I love to play very much’
(Perhaps too much , for we’ve just had his school report to say he has failed in some subjects, but we trust with the security of our love, prayers and support that we will soon here of much better results.)

It is easy to pray for the whole wide world, but God sees each of us as individuals, and it is wonderful that in this practical way we are able to home in on one little boy and know we are making a difference in his life.

And yes, there are other charities through whom we could sponsor children, but I have a special link with David, who has birthed ‘Stand by Me.’

Garfield Spurdle came to take over as pastor of our Apostolic Church in Ilford, but with him and Sonia came three strapping lads, of whom David was the oldest. I think he broke a few hearts but has remained single through the years, maybe because God wanted him to be a father figure to so many children.     

I’ve been writing his story, ‘I only went to Dig a Ditch,’ but sadly it is not yet published, because David has been unable to spend time with me to check it over. He is either in Ethiopia, Haiti, Burma, - or at home forbidden to work for a few days because of health issues. Do you wonder? I am still praying the book will get published – Have you faith to pray with me? Meanwhile, we at Horizons have become a very small part of this wonderful story.

If you are interested in following our example, contact ‘Stand by Me’ at

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