Thursday, 12 September 2013

Catch the wave

We were booked in for a week at Nicholaston House, we were so disappointed when we heard that Adrian & Bridget  Plass, taking the theme ‘Catch the wave,’ was unable to come. We could have cancelled, but Nicholaston is a very special place, and we were confident God would still meet with us in his own way. In the heart of the Gower peninsular, described as one of Britain’s best kept secrets, this very special place is a secret which needs to be shared.

Overlooking the wide sweep of Oxwich Bay, its headlands curving around the quiet waters of the bay, picture for me the sense of peace and security I always experience when I come here. The old house, once a hotel, has become a haven of healing and hope for many. ‘In this house you will find peace,’ are the prophetic words written large in the porch, and I have always found them true.

Claimed by faith by workers with the Swansea City Mission, and trusting the God of abundance, it has been turned from a run-down hotel to a house of beauty and excellence. Each time I visit there is some further outreach, from the extensive conservatory, to the craft room and self-catering flats, the quiet garden and bird-watching facilities among others, and now the Celtic chapel, so conducive to prayer and worship.

No wonder almost all of us who had booked decided to go. After all, God is not dependant on special speakers to meet with us, though he so often delights to use them. Young and old, we gathered. I was grateful I was not the only one glad of some gentler walks along the Pennard cliffs, or over Worms Head, but others were game to walk up the Bryn to the highest point on the Gower and make the challenging clamber down from the house to the bay. We began and ended each day with devotions led by staff members when God was speaking into our lives, and he was also using times when we prayed or just gelled with one another.   

I think I felt like you surfers must feel sometimes when you quietly tread water. Though some of us had come out of turbulent waters and had great challenges ahead, I too am quietly waiting, watching and trusting I will be ready to ride the next wave that undoubtedly will arise.

Adrian’s challenge was to have been, ‘Catch the wave – Do we dare?’ Well – do I? Do

N.B. Do look up Nicholaston House. It was opened as a Christian centre specifically to help those who came to them for counselling, but Joel & I first went just for a holiday break. (B& B is an option, but their food is mouth wateringly good.) Then  I was able to join in a prayer week the first time I went alone, and now it is home from home for me, being just over an hour’s drive away.

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