Saturday, 27 October 2012


‘Mummy, what time is the Baby Wash?’
It was, of course, a baby shower, and a four year old sister was excited. It was a wonderful occasion for we had two very expectant Ladies in waiting. The room was decorated in pink and blue, and our organisers full of creative ideas to bless our perhaps anxious Mums.

We were each given two cards to write some wise words, or otherwise, for the Mums, our contributions then made into a little book for them to take home. Being a writer, I wished I had had longer to think of something worthy the occasion. It couldn’t be too long as the birth of both babies was imminent, and I’m not sure this is worthy, but ‘such as I have’ I have since sent to them, and now share with you. 

Baby Shower
Welcome, Little Stranger,
  Precious gift from heaven
Still safe within your Mother’s womb
  You’re ready for new life

Break forth now from this prison,
  Though yet by love enfolded
Always within your Mother’s heart,
  From darkness into life

Come, face this world of brightness
  Of colour, sounds and faces
We’re here to love you, welcome you
  To share with us your life.

Created in God’s image
  Precious little treasure
Grow to know and love the One
  Who’s come to give you life.

Was I the only one at that special party who has not given birth? Well, some of our beautiful teen agers were there, that joy still to come. Perhaps there is a little sadness that I have never known this wonderful blessing, yet I have been and still am a mother.

Both in Papua New Guinea and again in Ghana they called me the ‘Little children’s mother’ and somehow the women understood that it was for the sake of their children that I did not have my own family. God knew that if I  had had my own children that I would never have done the work I did, and so I had to wait until I was fifty before I had the privilege of sharing my life with Joel.

Joel and his first wife Betty had agreed not to have children because of their missionary call, so now I would say, ‘If we had grand-children we would never do our writing,’ for we were both authors. But I still have children, for it was when I was in the mountains of Papua New Guinea God gave me the verse, ‘the children God has given me,’ and even here in Wales God still speaks this into my heart and gives me strength and joy in going into the schools to teach his word.

No, I may not have known the joy, but nor have I known the pain that can accompany child birth, but I thank God so much that he has brought me into this wonderful family of ‘Grace’ and that we can share each other’s joys, yes, and sorrows.

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