Monday, 29 June 2020


It is hard to be content in lockdown. Some, like myself, have too much time on their hands, while others have seemed over whelmed with extra responsibilities and the demands of the computer.
My life had been getting increasingly busy, so at first I was delighted to have each morning free for my writing. In the afternoons I have been able to get into our community garden where there is often someone, keeping our distance, to chat to. But after ten weeks or more and nothing else to record I was so longing for the ban to be lifted and to meet up in reality, with lots of hugs.
It was then God reminded me that ‘godliness with contentment is great gain’.
I have always been inspired by the life of Joshua, Moses young assistant, who eventually became leader of the nation.
Setting out to write his story, while still in the grips of Covid 19, the story of the plagues of Egypt seemed to be relevant to our situation. After all, Pharaoh did ask Moses to pray that God would take the plague of frogs away and God did, though I can never understand why Pharaoh asked for it to happen in the morning. Another night with frogs in his bed?
So if he could ask for that plague to go, surely we can pray for an end to lockdown because of Covid 19?
Well, the frogs did go, but that wasn’t an end to the plagues, was it? There were ten in all, but that was because Pharaoh didn’t keep his word.
‘Yes, yes, make the frogs go and I will let the slaves go free,’ but then he decided he could not do without his slave labour to build his treasure cities.
So, what about us? Emancipation of slaves may have been declared long ago, but there is still so much inequality in the world, and while we are not short of food, many are still starving, oppressed and yes, enslaved.
We may not be in a position such as Pharaoh was, but if God were to answer our cry for an end to lockdown would we be willing to pray and act on behalf of injustice and suffering?
Yes, let’s pray, but meanwhile let us also ask God to help us to find contentment in our present situation, for godliness with contentment is great gain.
Is a plague come on us as in Egypt’s land
In those days of so long ago?
Pharaoh had only to ask that it soon be gone
If only he’d kept to his ‘No.’

No to oppression, cruelty and pain
As he built his cities so strong
And do we care for the cheated, the poor
And sorting out right from wrong?

Oh yes, we care that we can’t meet our friends
And no holidays, parties or fun,
But what of the poor, imprisoned, afraid?
What of freedom for everyone?

Oh, what did it take that those slaves be set free
And what was the price that was paid?
A lamb for a house, and its blood on the door
As the angel of death did invade

And we know that God gave his Son as our lamb
That we are forgiven and free
So let’s pray for God’s mercy, protection and grace
And contentment for you and for me.

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