Tuesday, 24 March 2020


‘There are worse things than bombs.’ Having evacuated as a family at the outbreak of war and in cramped conditions, my mother was now very ill and the doctor advised my father to get her home.
So it was that I was in the London area throughout World War two. Our cellar was turned into a dormitory so that there was no panic when the sirens wailed  and it seemed God honoured the faith of my parents in his promises in Psalm 91, for we suffered no more than broken windows though there was tragedy  around us.
Years later the terrible smog enveloped London and I was horrified when I realised how this pollution was lining the lungs of animals too, but when I read, again in Psalm 91,  ‘the terror that wastes by noonday,’ I knew God had spoken to me that I must not fear, and indeed the problem was dealt with.
Now it seems another war has been declared, the dreaded Coronavirus, and once again the battle is against fear.
I had thought my present warfare was against old age, and that if I had plenty of company and stimulation, keeping fit in body and mind I had nothing to fear. But now all fellowship is forbidden and us ‘oldies’ especially confined to splendid isolation.
Once again I realise we are in a war zone, and I believe God has given me these verses, once again based on Psalm 91, to help us overcome fear.

A pestilence is creeping
While darkest clouds are sweeping
Till all around is blinding us with worry and with fear

But on God’s word we’re standing,
Not shifting sands but grounding
On promises. ‘twill not come nigh, so cast away your fear.’

So we’re singing songs of praising,
Though seas around are raging
For on the darkest hours on earth God’s voice is ringing clear

‘Yes, I am here to guide you,
From every plague I’ll hide you
As chicks beneath their mother’s wings find shelter. I am near.’
For many others there are different and more terrible wars still being waged, for they are suffering grievously because they are Christians. Asia Bibi was in solitary confinement for nine years while we prayed for her release. Would we see a woman gaunt and broken? I was amazed to see her in good health, the  beauty of the Lord on her. She had had her bible and she too had been trusting is Psalm 91.
So, whatever our circumstances, let us war a good warfare and take refuge under the shadow of God’s wings. 

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