Monday, 28 January 2019


It was earlier than usual that I sat in my recliner, my mug of tea beside me, to have a little quiet time with the Lord before I began my day. It wasn’t yet six am, still night outside, but as usual I drew open my curtains, lest I should miss the dawning of the morning.
Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash
I was surprised to see the moon shining, right there in the centre of my window. ‘Oh, a new moon,’ I exclaimed, not out loud. This was just between the Lord and me. ‘Oh, and with the old moon in her arms?’ But no, this was not as it usually is, for the crescent moon was on top, and I watched now in wonder as the dark clouds, as I had thought, gradually slipped away until there was the glory of our full moon, just faintly tinged with red.
In all this specular display from heaven, I had a deep awareness that God was speaking to me, though he had not, as yet, translated it into human language.
It was when I switched on the news that I realised that this had been a long anticipated lunar eclipse, with an accompanying red moon.
I had not seen the actual eclipse, but rather, after the eclipse, the unveiling again of the heavenly body that had been there all the time, created by God, and ordained to run its courses.
I know I am one of millions of people on this earth at this time, one of those who might be regarded as the dust on the scales, and yet one of myriads who is so loved by God that he intended me to be treated to this awesome spectacle.
Now God was telling me to never doubt his mighty acts or wonderful words. As the light of the moon was eclipsed by earth, yet was always there, always shining, so we need never doubt the reality, power or promises of our great Creator God.

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