Thursday, 5 February 2015

Amazing Grace

‘What happened to Amazing Grace?’ I asked my friend.
Don’t worry, I was not into theology. I had a poem to read as part of a wedding service, and my new found friend had pointed out that I was to follow the singing of this hymn. But suddenly I was announced. My question concerning Amazing Grace was whispered as I scrabbled to get my glasses and sheet of paper.
I have been laughing about this ever since. But though the minister had to squeeze in the hymn later in the service, because he had not been wearing his glasses, God’s amazing grace was very evident in this beautiful marriage.
Both of their lives had been in a mess, but probably it was their messes that had driven them to the refuge that is in Christ Jesus, and then to meet up with each other.  Over the past three years we have seen God’s amazing grace at work in their lives, transforming them into children of God who are now responsive to his quietest whisper.
Thiers’s could not possibly be an expensive wedding, and yet every need had been met to make it a bountiful occasion. The church was  beautifully adorned, the service so joyful and relaxed, and when the beautiful bride arrived joy abounded as she walked, or was it danced up the aisle to the song, ‘His love lifts me higher.’ (No, I didn’t know it, but it seems most of us did.)
There were many from both of their families who did not ‘do’ church, but after this wonderful service they realised that they did not have to be afraid, or shut God out of their lives.
And my poem? As I read the words God  had given me I knew what had happened to amazing grace. It was evident in every part of the service, as in his provision for their lives, for as I read I knew God was there, speaking to and blessing this special couple, who will continue to be a blessing in so many lives.

Thank God for his Amazing Grace.  

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