Thursday, 21 August 2014


This is not another story from far away and long ago, though, yes, it was on top of a mountain in Papua New Guinea that God first gave me this word. But God continues to remind me of it, and of his call in my life.

Recently, some of us attended a ‘Sticky Faith’ conference. I, with you, wondered what it was all about. Run by Scripture Union, it concerned giving our children a faith which will keep them in the family of God, even when they leave primary school, or go out into the big wide world. I was encouraged to hear that it needs, not just trained teachers, but every member, to keep them in the family. So, no retirement. We each are needed.

I went from there to the Ablaze conference and through various ministries, God continued to speak about the importance of letting our children know that they are loved and special, and of never hindering them in any way from realising God’s purpose for them in this generation

When I answered the call to PNG, instead of  teaching our Missionary Kids as I thought, I was not only taking a  class in the mission school, but God surprised me with other responsibilities. Soon after I arrived, hearing there was a week of Bible School for the workers, I asked if I might speak to them. Taking a lump of fool’s gold I had found, I spoke about the treasure hid in the field, and how we need to work to bring the wonderful resources of our children to the Lord.

It was a great privilege to be involved in training the Sunday School teachers, both there and later on a national scale in Ghana, and as well as the joy of teaching the children I was always delighted to be able to speak to whole congregations about the importance of ‘the child in the midst.’

Back in UK, I had the opportunity to teach about children’s work, not just to Sunday School teachers, but others training for leadership. One, now pastor, told me, ‘We learned that children are important.’

Before I came into the Apostolic church or knew much about missionaries I had heard God’s call to ‘go into the villages,’ which, I guess, is how I found myself on this mountain. Having roughed it, sleeping in a smoky grass hut, with rats and fleas to disturb me, I was feeling the worst for wear.

I went out into the sunshine and into the church, and opened my Bible to read this verse in Hebrews, ‘I and the children God has given me.’ God continues to speak this and other words to confirm his call when I get discourages or think I am getting too old to continue my work in the schools or teaching Kids Club, a privilege indeed.

But how wonderful! Each one of us is needed in this great work of bringing our children into the family of God. Let us remember, they are our children.

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