Friday, 13 July 2012

Confessions of a Technophobe

Help! I am drowning. What have I done? I have always said, ‘Pauline doesn’t do Facebook’, and now, suddenly I am on Face book, inundated with wonderful people who want to be my friends, and I don’t know how to cope.

Why did I do it? I, who have always been a technophobe, now, in my eighties, decided to allow myself to be thrown into the deep end. I am still asking myself, Why?

Firstly, because I am 81 doesn’t mean I am too old to learn new things.  When a child enquired as to my age, I informed him I was going to be like Moses. That doesn’t necessarily mean I am going to live to be 120, but like Moses, I am going to pursue life with vigour and fulfil God’s purposes for me.

Secondly, soon after my marriage to Joel, God called me to write. No, he didn’t shout out of heaven, but three times I heard this message, What is that in thy hand? And each time I felt I must answer. It couldn’t be a duster, or a cooking spoon. It must be a pen, for I have always loved writing. Then, lo and behold, a request to join a team to start a magazine for the Sunday School kids, and then, soon after that, plop on the mat, an advert for a course, Writing for profit, with the guarantee to get published, or your money back. With a husband egging me on, and teaching me to use the  computer too, I was away on a writing career.

I have just sent off a manuscript for book 2 of ‘Towards the Sunrise’ to be published, so now what should be my next project? Not so many  read books these days, but more and more surf the net. Some time back Tom suggested that I try blogging. I did it for a few weeks, but had no feed back, and gave up, discouraged. But now, surrounded by face book friends, maybe I will hear that some of you not only read my blog but hopefully appreciate it.

And so, thirdly, I have stepped out in faith into Facebook with all its complications, because I believe the scripture that says, ‘In everything we are enriched by him, (Jesus), in utterance and in knowledge,’ so I’m going to trust God and not be afraid.

Thank you to all my Facebook friends, and others too, for taking time to read this,


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  1. How lovely, Pauline to find that you are embarking on this new stage of your 'Ready Writer' journey.